Bitcoin association Slovenia Token (BAST)

$BAST is an experimental community token for Bitcoin association Slovenia created (Nov-05-2017 04:23:45 PM +UTC) at Ethereum transaction hash 0xf07a4a01bd013bb9ee6fcbc3fd912298dce0c9c67816c4644df0b651a2462a12

Token contract at address: 0x81d10c3f24bfbf51ead7470c5e84baaa9dfdf461 (Do NOT send any ethereum or tokens to the token contract address)

Total Supply is: 206,616,100 BAST.

Decimals: 4

Token treasury wallet: 0xBcf64b49471e0B55EeFeaf7a50FDD0437755Fb72

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Can i buy BAST token?

How was the total supply of BAST determined?

At time of creation the total population of Slovenia was 2.06616 M people therefore having a an ambitioous idea of having a supply large enough so 100 BAST could be in theory distributed to all citizens thru time.

BAST distribution and treasury wallet

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